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7 Pints of lager

S O’Hooligan

23 Oct 2023

And a rocket from Spiro

Hi O'Hooligan here! Well after a weekend of debauchery over which I drank 7 pints of dirty beer, I roused myself to attend Ruskin Soccer Dome once again!

Our international line up was completed with Spiros managing to escape the Amazon delivery man who let him down so badly last week! He was raring to go this morning and marked the occasion with his first goal! Well done sir!

Our setting up crew are really hitting thier straps and had all ready for 1050, a record surely! The games passed by with much humour being expressed as is the way we want it to be! But then to the coffee shop where there was a great big gap on the table! Yes dear reader, no cake again! El Presidente was heard to mutter, quite loudly, 'that's me stopping off at the pie shop on my way home again.'

Shocking really seeing the tear running down his cheek! And to add insult to injury he had to admit to the referees being quite good this morning too! As a side note I hope Robin is OK as he had a bit of a dizzy spell this morning and went off being looked after by various club members! Its what we do and are proud of it! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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