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Reds paint Ruskin er red!

The winter’s ravages did not prevent a dozen hearty souls making light of the conditions to provide a decent morning’s entertainment earlier today.

In the absence of our regular blog writers Lord Rainford and our Chairman today’s account of activities were offered up by Phil McBlog (Middleton) our thanks to him on his journalistic debut! In what is rapidly becoming a pattern we had an odd number of players, or is it a number of odd players? Either way 11 men prepared to battle with each other and the elements.

Black team; Martin W, Steve, Tony, David and Phil

Reds team; Dave Grazer, Geoff, Jeff, Les, Mick and Andy who switched sides for the second period.

Despite the weight of numbers the Reds were unable to take control of the game. Indeed such was their misfortune that they found themselves trailing by 2 goals before rallying as the half time break approached. But after finally sorting out their defensive frailties they scored in quick succession to draw level. 2-2 at half time with all to play for in the second half.

As we observed earlier Reds then had to give up their prize or is it Andy cap for the remainder of the match? Having gifted Blacks the early advantage and clawed back to parity the mighty Reds made light of the numerical disadvantage to score two more and seal an impressive win from the jaws of defeat.

4-2 to Reds thanks to goals from Mick, Andy and Jeff with 2. Blacks having started brightest with goals from Martin W and Tony were undone when at least on paper they held all the aces.

Just one more Monday session this year, well done to everyone who took part.

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