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Petulant Moi?

After a difficult few days for the Club players assembled for their Wednesday evening session with steely determination to ‘play on play on and play the game’ OK it’s Walking Football not cricket but the buzz was genuine and desire to continue to enjoy the camaraderie that has been visible since Monday’s events was all too real.

As Coach Davies consulted his ‘Moneyball’ notes for selection hints, the Chairman put members through some vigorous warm ups. His adaption of old favourites included a variant on ripping shoulders away from torsos that bemused those following his lead. Incredibly it worked, now we can all hurl a football into the stratosphere!

The Executive Committee met prior to the action to discuss a number of issues, one important appointment that resulted was the elevation of Coach Davies (Der Drill Meister) to the new position of Football Manager. Congratulations to John.

And so to the football. Three teams were assembled

Reds: Peter, Paul, Tom, Gareth, Deggs, Tony, Martin W and Dave B

Sky: Jeff, Geoff, Phil, Ian H, Martin B, John H and Len

Dark Blues: Steve, Les, Colin, Ian B, Dave C, Joe and Andy

As Reds had 8 players each opposing team was gifted a guest keeper for their games to even up numbers. Complicated but very fair and workable. Reds faced Sky in the opening game, on paper Sky tipped by our Resident Pundit to shade their rivals. Thankfully the game was played not on paper but AstroTurf and despite all efforts to produce a breakthrough goal, the match finished with honours even. No goals but some real quality on view.

Could Dark Blues cope with the power of Sky in match 2? Well this game did produce goals, with Sky taking a deserved lead through hard working Len, only for Ian B to level for Dark Blues. 1-1 the final result on reflection a fair outcome, neither team deserving to lose.

Reds powered to a good value victory in their match up with Dark Blues. An opener by Tom and some solid defensive work by Reds setting the pattern. Deggs sealed the win with a good effort as time ran out 2–0 an impressive win for the Reds who looked comfortable all evening. Dark Blues saved their best performance for the rematch with Sky A fine 3-nil win sealed by goals from Colin 2 and Ian B.

In the finale Reds returned to face the inform Dark Blues but despite all efforts neither team could fashion the goal to settle affairs.

There was a bizarre incident at one point with the Chairman lobbing the ball fully 40 to the opposing keeper. Steve Pitt immediately penalised the culprit until he learnt that the Chairman (that beacon of sportsmanship) had deliberately returned the ball as he’d gained an unfair advantage as Steve had slipped over leaving FairPlay Fitz with a free play. “As if I would take advantage“ he explained! Pitt was reaching for a card when he learned of this fine sporting gesture. Other gestures of a less sporting nature were displayed from some quarters. Bewilderment 1, Sportsmanship 0

Latest news of our fallen comrade, John Carson will undergo surgery this weekend to repair damage to both knees! We wish him a speedy recovery

In spite of the muted mood, the football on show was terrific Well done everyone!

See you on Monday at Ruskin Drive

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