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Out to pasture

Emotional support!

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Fresh from last nights AGM comes my latest and truest report! My days of Clubman of the Year are over and I handed over the title to Come on Eileen a very worthy winner and someone who will do the position and the club proud over the next year, my very best wishes go out to her, even though I had a tear on my cheek.

I was soon brought back to reality when after presenting the trophy I was retaking my seat when Les, in his usual caring and thoughtful way said "sit here ex person of the year". You could just feel the love! I am refereeing the next couple of weeks and his blue card is nice and shiny! All is well within the club and we can't wait to get going again next week. Get there early so we can warm up and get a full hours play in! That is what we pay for!

On the way out at the end of the meeting Cockney Rebel wanted to compare scars from our stomach surgeries! His of course are far uglier and worse than mine but he said that his staples had split and his wound opened so they had to pack it with newspapers. He used the News of the World and the Sun which is why he still thinks the sun shines out of his arse! Good to be back talking nonsense, remember I only report on whats not true.

Cheers for now see you all early on Monday, don't wait on the car park come over and warm up!


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