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Hi O'Hooligan here.

Apologies for the lack of scribblings of late but with ongoing medical things I have had other things on my mind.

I went down to London on Tuesday for a nuclear scan so it might explain my glowing complexion and socks at last nights gathering at Sutton Soccer Dome! And my high energy performance which was not in evidence on Monday! Apologies to my teammates!

I have noticed a definite change in the way we are all playing since our little break a few weeks ago. Much calmer approach and very few if any bad tackles. Even 50 50 tackles are becoming 45 45 as we all look to protect our opponents safety which is great!

The banter is just as good and we all walk away uninjured! A big mention to Phil Malarkey who last night brought along a pile of plastic tie wraps to patch up the very bad nets at Sutton. He did a great job and only cut off 1 finger with his very sharp Stanley knife! Les said he would reimburse you when you show him the missing digit!

Good luck with that!

Cheers for now. 😇🇮🇪

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