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Knock on wood*

Our Cub reporter Phil Middleton has kindly provided the information for Monday morning’s Ruskin Drive session Our thanks to Phil for his enthusiasm and above all his memory Never easy to play and provide a balanced commentary for the Blog

Monday was Coach and Captain- less with Coach Davies still a few days away from a return and Andy who was attending the funeral of his car So emotional! Warm up was a rapid affair involving moving posts and setting out marker cones Comprehensive wasn’t a word to use in the circumstances

Jeff Betty nursing a knee knack provided another helpful stint as stand in referee, to great acclaim too by all accounts Players lined up for selection to discover they were 11 strong (perhaps an exaggeration but with enthusiasm at least)

So 5 v 6 with the option of a player (Dave Seagull the chosen one) switching sides at each water break

Green Tony, Cockney Rebel, Mark, Tom and Goldie

Blue Les, Anita, Chopper, Phil and Steve the Honeyman

The Seagull faced up to the task of swapping bib colours every few minutes not an easy task for the fuller figurered!

The game was another exercise in enjoyment with good play, lots of chances and lots of squandered chances too

The final result a 3 - 1 win for the Greens hardly does justice to the unfolding drama

Goals by Tom, Mark and the Cockney Rebel took the honours while Phil offered Blues only reply with a deft finish rather than his usual thunderbolt application

In a rare poor day at the office Steve the Honeyman failed to find the net, he had plenty of attempts and peppered the woodwork repeatedly but couldn’t find the reward his overall play deserved His recent loan spell with Wigan might have sharpened his general play but blunted the cutting edge we’ve come to expect from the Hive wayman

Anita’s continuing improvement included a great stint between the posts Mark too showed good form both as keeper and in general play The weather was fine and sunny a welcome relief after the previous Monday morning

We enter the Autumn with most enjoyable sessions and great spirit

Knock on wood* Eddie Floyd

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