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Intensive Care

Hi O'Hooligan here.

This is where I have spent the last week! After having my Gallbladder removed I went back in with what I thought was an infection only to have a scan and be told I have a blockage in my bowels which has to come out!

So out it came! I am at the moment a physical, emotional and mental wreck! Since the 10th April I have had 7 wounds put in to my stomach area and it is quite tender at the moment.

I find out on the 13th results of further tests and ongoing treatments for my bowel so it is onwards and upwards! As I come towards the end of my tenure as Club Person of the Year

I have tried to pick up another title as Weight Watchers slimmer of the year as I have gone from 14 stone 2 pounds to 12 stone 7 pounds in a matter of weeks!

But I have been disqualified as hacking away parts of your body is not allowed! How unjust!

Got to keep my sense of humour up, keep well all and I will see you all soon.


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Phil Middleton
Phil Middleton
04 de mai.

Hoping for a positive and speedy outcome for you, Eamon. Very best wishes.

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