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Hospital stay


Hi O'Hooligan here! Well here i am again after a few days in hospital, where I had my Gallbladder removed!

Now I am quite proud of my motto that I only report on things which aren't true but this one is! GALLSTONES ARE NOT NICE!

So if any of you are offered a free holiday or a massive bargain with free Gallstones thrown in avoid it like the plague! Being back home is great but my Jan has taken the bell off me as I seem to be annoying her with incessant ringing, can't think what she means!

So it is on to recovery, it will be a while with having half my insides dragged out of me through 4 very neat incisions taking time to heal.

But I will be back to annoy you all soon so take care and any lies you want reporting on let me know and I will make something up!

Best wishes to my teammate Lee Thompson who has also had a recent health scare Happily I hear he's on the mend and convalescing in European climes (Lucky sod) Jan check the housekeeping funds I think I might need some time in the sun too!

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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