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Don't Eat the Yellow Snow*

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Snow? Fat chance of that on Monday at Ruskin Drive where, despite doom-laden weather predictions, 21 SHWFC members braved the heat for a game or three of Walking Football

In an rare outbreak of common sense we decided to split everyone into 3 teams, with games of 10 minutes giving everyone a break from the heath and a chance to regroup and rehydrate. If there was ever any doubt we are of course indebted to Lord Rainford's man for this edition of the Blog

The teams lined up as follows, with in addition to the bib colours an added sartorial adornment of hats and other paraphernalia to combat the temperatures: -

Reds: Steve the Honeyman, ‘Nita, Mike, Clint, Sheila, Dave Seagull and A Triallist

Purple: Thatto Dave, Citeh Geoff, Mags, Tony Snakehips, Les Meldrew, Tom Stretch Parr and the late Colin Williams.

Yellow: Andy Capt., Grav, Phil the Power, Kirsty, Cockney Rebel, Lord Rainford & Jeff Betty.

The cunning plan was to make sure as many of our brave Over 65s squad played in the same team in advance of their National Cup match v Brunswick OB on Friday.

Reds against Purple was the first game which ended in a stalemate although there was some good play from both sides but very few chances.

Yellows then entered the fray with Reds staying on to give the old codgers in Purple a break. This, too, was another 0-0, but in their next game against the well-oiled over 65s Purple football machine, the Yellow game plan began to disintegrate and they ended up losing 2-0. Loose defending and poor passing gave Thatto Dave too much room up front., and Colin and Les got the chance to build their confidence up with well taken goals. Mags proved a determined midfielder and at the back Citeh Geoff barely needed to break sweat.

There was enough time for all teams to play another round of matches; and your reporter must admit he is not sure of all the scores, although playing for Yellow he is all too aware that his team didn’t win any – or indeed score a single goal in 4 games! But first up in the second round it was a repeat of the Purples and Reds and, fresh from their defeat of Yellow, Purple again were dominant with a 3-0 win. Colin was again on the score sheet together with Tom ‘stretch Parr, who got a good first runout after his hamstring and Covid problems.

Sadly, for Yellow, their rest after the first run of games made no difference. Despite (on paper) a side to match either of their opponents, it must be said that we all had an off-day. Reds took advantage to claim a 2-nil victory. In the final match, Purple ran riot, scoring 4 without reply as Yellow constantly gave the ball away, indulged in a series of embarrassing back passes and committed numerous other crimes against football. I wish I could say we were only trying to boost our fellow players confidence for Friday – but sadly not so!

All games were played in good spirit despite the conditions and for the most part we coped with the conditions well. But before ending this report, I must pay tribute to all those who volunteered to referee games on Monday. Geoff Betty, Lord R, Colin, Steve E and ’Nita; forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone. We do need to try to keep running and illegal physical contact to a minimum. And for those of us playing, we must remember that the Ref will call it as she/he sees it. They may get it wrong, All of us will, at times, express our frustration if we think a decision is wrong (I know I have) but let’s try and moderate this. Everyone who volunteers to referee does try to do their best, making split second decisions (even in something as slow as Walking Football) is very challenging. We don’t want to discourage people from having a go from what is an important facet of Walking Football As players do we always make perfect passes or tackles or control of the ball? Patience and practice makes us all better players!

Here endeth the sermon 😊. Here’s to a some more weather comfortable Walking Football for us all in the near future.

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow*…Watch Out Where The Huskies Go! - Frank Zappa

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Jul 21, 2022

Mondays Sun, Some, COSMIC DEBRIS ? also by the unique Mr Zappa, phew!

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