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Crush Hour


Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well after the much dreaded London rush hour crush at Sutton Soccer Dome last night it turned out reasonably OK with both El Presidente and Lord Rainford easily parking

Or rather their chauffeurs managed to park their limousines quite easily!

We welcomed new man Jack to our numbers and he did OK. Nice lad and hopefully another good addition to our Club

A decent evening weather-wise outside before the dreaded snow which is forecast to hit these parts imminently It was apparently a bit too warm inside which meant a door had to be left opened to keep the air moving as unfortunately the players weren't moving too much

At the conclusion of our AstroTurf session and walking through to the car park I heard Lord Rainford deep in discussion with Cockney Rebel. When I asked how his Lordship had played whilst modestly confirmed that at least had been brilliant "shite Eamon shite" was the reply and Cockney Rebel confirmed it! *

Cant be more honest than that! Looking forward to our little British Heart Foundation thing on Tuesday can one of our teams be called the Pacemakers? Keep to the beat!

Cheers for now. 😇🇮🇪

*It later confirmed that Lord Rainford's blood sugars had been very low which might go some way to explaining his self-professed sub-par performance.

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