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Hi O'Hooligan here!

We started yesterday with unambiguous a great word I'm sure you'll agree!

Contact Lord Rainford for an explanation of the meaning as I am not allowed to get involved in Committee stuff, or sharp objects. I think we finished the day with unselfishness which I can explain myself (or try at the very least)

Last night; due to the weather, sickness (which seems to have raged through the members of our esteemed Club) oh and television football, we were reduced to lower than usual numbers attending our midweek meander at the Sutton SoccerDome.

At one point it looked like there'd be no outdoor game until Eileen, despite being injured, stepped in to volunteer to play as keeper inside This act of unselfishness meant that the other 19 members would get their game after all.

Unselfishness of the highest order and many thanks to her for that!

What a warrior!

Returning to my remarks about the sickness plague that's going about I wonder if El Presidente should get in touch with his useful contacts with Sunlife Over 50s Plan, apparently he lives next door to one of the 'stars' of the advertising campaign Perhaps he could use those contacts to arrange a promotional visit to the Club for photo opportunities and the chance to meet June In return she could persuade our Members to buy their policies! They might be talked into selecting a team to join one of our sessions providing of course they bring some of those delicious salad sandwiches that Derek makes so skilfully for afterwards!

Editors note - at this point we had to remove Mr O'Hooligan back to his padded cell, for his own safety, as he was loitering too close to his TV waiting for the next set of advertisements

Cheers for now. 😇

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