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Hi all O'Hooligan here.

I have just returned from my new 2 hour session of Badminton!

Who invented such a daft game? It is the only sport I have played where you lose a point when you hit the net which by the way is stuck right in the middle of the pitch! It is entirely non contact and the only chance you have to throttle the person who is humiliating you on the other side of said net is at the end of the game when you have to politely shake hands and say thank you for the humiliation!!

I am really enjoying it!

Anyway to walking football. We had a good session at Sutton Soccer Dome last night. The wind caused a few problems but at least it was something to blame for wayward shots and passes! I refereed and throughly enjoyed it.

Dont know if the players did but I had the whistle so was quite happy! All seemed to go well and there were a few moans and groans but nothing new there. Not a bad tackle all night but Wicky still managed to injure himself. Take your time getting back mate.

You can always referee, I will lend you a whistle, not my Gold one though, I like you but not that much!

Cheers for now. 😇🇮🇪

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