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More rest.

Hi O'Hooligan here. Over the last couple of months I have not been feeling too good and have had alot of stomach pain! Last Tuesday it reached a peak and my dear wife Jan packed me into an ambulance and off I went to Whiston!

After much prodding and scanning it was decided that I have Gallstones and may need to have my Gallbladder out!

At least now I know what it is and can adjust to living with it, which is a great relief! I went along to the local Gallstone Appreciation Society meeting the other evening and what a miserable bunch they are!

All sat or lying around clutching their stomachs moaning like hell! The Society Manager asked if I would like to join "only £2 a week" I was tempted but declined the offer! Anyway I am ok and I will see you all soon. In the most polite terms, I don't need all of you to message me, I know what good people you all are and will have my back if needed!

Happy Easter to you all.

Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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Mar 29
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The Tote has opened Betting on who will ignore the message and still post Get Well on WhatsApp

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