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Lots of them!

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well I escaped the clutches of Mr Brush, not Basil but paint, which caused me to miss Mondays soccer fest at Ruskin.

Also the threat of knife between ribs from my dear wife if I didn't get the painting done was a good reason to not attend!!

So there I was covered in paint ready to roll last night at Sutton Soccer Dome!

We had a new player called John who was on my team and a good player he is too! The only thing was is that John is 6ft 4 and we had Little John who is 4ft 6 and Lord John of Rainford who had the whistle so is free from all criticism, but we had a great game.

So we now have Long John, Short John and whistling John! Oh the confusion!

Good fun was had by all and we all dashed home to watch the lead up to the General Election!

I have taped it all on my Betamax machine.

So exciting! NOT!

Cheers for now! 😇🇮🇪

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