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Quiz Success

S O’Hooligan


Hotpot by Royal Appointment

Hi O'Hooligan here! Well the quiz night was a great success to say the least! Misunderstood didn't come last as was the aim of our captain Kenny! Although there were some trying moments! How many are in a basketball team on court was the question 'dont know says Wicky but they are all big.' Comes to mind quite readily!

But the real winner of the night was every member and guest who turned out on a foul night! Every where you looked was smiles and laughter as we all took everything in the right spirit and just had a good time!

High praise to Martin and his wife for organising the event and also for getting Lord Rainford to serve the hot pot. A definite new experience for him! It was also nice to come away from all your company without bruises and scrapes for a change although the elbows did come up a the bar a couple of times! We can all get back to normal on Monday! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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