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320 to Wigan

A O’Hooligan

17 Oct 2023

The Burnley Autograph

Hi O'Hooligan here! Well we set out at 0931 on the 320 to Wigan for out jaunt off to Burnley! We all wore hi vis bibs so we couldn't lose anyone.

The driver shouted at us a we sang 'the wheels on the bus go round and round.' All the way to Ashton and threatened to throw us off so we were quiet then. We got to Wigan which was still bedecked with bunting after thier Super League win. Once in 5 years we can give them that! Off to the multi cultural hub of Bolton then followed. No one lost yet, these bibs are working!

And so to Burnley. As we pulled up outside of the venue there was a crowd of 9 or 10 watching us get off the bus. There was a slight pause while the driver let the step down for us to disembark. We had agreed beforehand that no walking aids should be used and they should be left at home.

So we sauntered in to the venue signing the occasional autograph, no photos though! You never know who is watching! This reporter cannot divulge what went on inside the venue as I leave that to the higher echelon of the club but I can say after the games we had bikkies! Chocolate bikkies! On the way home you could see the look of respect or was it amusement on the bus drivers face as we helped each other onto the bus! He could have lowered the step, the git! Anyway we got to Ashton and most were dozing until we turned towards Haydock Park and the schools were letting out! Mayhem erupted! St Trininans on steroids! It was like being in a tumble dryer on high speed! I did wave my blue card, forever the referee, but one of the monsters snatched it away and ate it!

When some of them got off it quietened down a bit and I had a chat with one of the lads. 'What subjects are you studying young man.' I asked 'well English, maths and my optional subjects are Devil Worship and Anti Social behaviour.' Nice lad! We got to town to be met by our Carers and nurses who got us all home safely! My Jan guided me to my chair and said 'did you have fun today dear.' 'I think so.' I replied 'can I have my blanket for my siesta now please.' Good day out! Cheers 😇🇮🇪

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