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The “In” Crowd

This year’s final Wednesday Sutton session bucked the trend of recent weeks due to the minus 5 degree temperature outside So instead of the usual two-centre extravaganza we were forced to retreat indoors to the SoccerDome for some serious six-a-side activity Eighteen players, Three teams of six, One Referee and One Reporter/Videographer Epic way to end 2022 playing guaranteed

The teams assembled were;

Red - Cockney Rebel, Gonzalo, Enoch, Neil Coach, Michelle and Lord Rainford

White - Disco Deggs, Tom Stretch, Steve Angry Ford, Neil Stretch, Andy Man(anger) and Gaz

Yellow - Joe the Ghost, Phil the Power, Les Meldrew, Eamon, Ray and Grav

After a swift warm up conducted by lightning conductor Gaz we were entertained by Disco Deggs attempting to pull a white jersey over his manly frame The fact that this took several minutes to achieve (possibly because it was an Everton FC shirt) might have been understandable Gaz was clearly distressed that another RS follower was attempting the feat (after Eamon’s recent attempt) Undaunted play did start, with El Presidente attempting to video film some of the action,

Reds v White provided the opening sequence Barely two minutes after the Jeff Betty starting whistle blast we had the opening goal Gonzalo stepped in sharply to rob Gaz and fired into the bottom corner 1-0 to Red The game deteriorated thereafter with both sides crowding into the confined space to stifle passing chances El Pres’ briefly shouted to explain that the entire outfie