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Rebel Yell*

Apologies for the delay in publishing this report, we've experienced serious software issues for the first time at the most inopportune moment Happily we seem to be back to normal

A rip roaring Cup tie and the chance to play a social game of walking football was the fare for this morning’s Ruskin Drive faithful today Our Over 60s entertained 1874 Northwich Over 60s in the first round of the National Cup in an eye watering match in front of a very healthy crowd whilst those who wished stretched themselves with a gentle session to dust off the weekend excesses

What a treat the main action was too!

The teams lined up

SHWFc - Dave Thatto Barrow, Andy Capt. Houghton, Allan Molly Maldon, Steve Ford, Steve Honeyman Forshaw, Tom Stretch Parr, Phil the Power Middleton, Steve Goldie Goldthorpe and Martin Cockney Rebel Briggs

1874 - Alan Riding, Keith Whittle, Tony Roberts, John Ellis, Keith Bell, Steve Norfield, Kevin Ball

and Reg Simpson

The weather conditions were generally benign except for a gusting wind which was at the hosts back in the first period SHWFC passed and moved with some style in the early exchanges Long shots from Molly, Steve Ford, Stretch and the Honeyman tested the keeper who quickly demonstrated he was the equal of everything thrown at him The visitors looked a threat on the break but were well shackled by the inspired Houghton leading his side with his usual steely determination Roberts was outstanding for 1874 but was kept occupied with defensive duties for the most part

Referee Steve Pitt was on top of the game, explaining his decisions and guiding those in any doubt of the acceptable way to play the game Play was kept moving with minimal fuss

The second period saw the hosts forced to change their line up to reflect the changed conditions Honeyman was withdrawn and Ford replaced Middleton and Briggs offering a more balanced approach to match the prevailing conditions Saints seemed to cope comfortably despite the conditions and managed the game to good effect The loss of Captain Houghton struggling with injury offered Goldthorpe the chance to offer a different sort of threat for the hosts

One shot from 1874 rattled the post whilst at the other end 1874 relied on a string of excellent saves from MoM Alan Riding to shut out Saints

Finally as time elapsed Referee Pitt explained that a further period of 5 minutes each way would be played as extra time with the threat of penalties ahead

In the stuff of the sport’s writers dream neither team could find the net and so we went to the dreaded penalty shoot out 1874 were possibly the bookies favourite following their keeper’s performance in regulation time

Northwich’s first attempt was well saved by Barrow, Middleton saw his effort saved in the top corner by Riding Northwich then struck the post with kick two and up strode Cockney Rebel Briggs to crash his spot kick into the net to hand Saints the edge The third Northwich effort rebounded from the woodwork and so Saints had won this epic encounter

Hand shakes all round and photos for the victorious SHWFC A record breaking first win in the National Cup

The Slipper Session suite included a music inspired Quiz organised by Tom & the absent Tony Snakehips A bottle of fine vintage Port was offered by El Presidente for the winner He was rewarded for this magnificent show of generosity by winning er the Quiz

Quelle surprise the crowd bayed 'Own It' he probably muttered while handing the prize to himself

A fine day and impressive show for the Club all agreed

Thanks to all who showed their support Well played 1874 and we will honour our pledge to visit whenever possible later this year

Rebel Yell* - Billy Idol

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Apr 13, 2022

What ? No room for BOWIE, Rebel Rebel. Congrats Boys.⚽️

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