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It’s a funny old game

On a day of abysmal at times torrential rain our heroes braved the elements in a show of defiance. In the end we enjoyed an hours football untroubled by the weather.

There was a delay at the start of play with confusion over the pre-selected sides, easily remedied for the future but bewildering at the time for the players flitting from one colour to another.

Play underway, a very strong dark Blue side were surprisingly made to struggle by a hard-working Yellow (and single green bib). Yellows (+ green) moved the ball around to good affect and more than matched their illustrious opponents in the opening match. The next game introduced a Red team to the proceedings but the confusion over the team’s composition was unfortunate and a tad frustrating. At one point Tom was due to play against himself before the final line up was decided. The match was another even affair, a feature of most of the early games. Some wayward uncharacteristic goalkeeping gifted Reds a way back into a game that was otherwise drifting away from them. Apart from the penultimate game which was marked by some excellent sharp shooting from Chris most matches were even affairs. Some excellent creative work by Ian, Jeff and Mick ensured their teams were always in with a winning chance.

A word too the Officials who were on the ball all night. Joe was controversially denied a potential goal by Deggsy for running - later analysis proved there was no offence but in the spirit of the game Joe shrugged off the decision and played on though obviously wounded by the implication. Full marks to all players. Some excellent play spectacular goals and unexplainable errors but enough said about that!

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Oct 02, 2020

I was Right at the time I see running joe

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