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I Got My Eyes On You*

Wednesday has always been the traditional home of SHWFC After all its where we started and where we've endured all manner of trials and tribulations over the past 7 years We've had tears and tantrums whilst there's been the odd piece of football too

So faced with no referee in the enforced absence of Herr Jeff Betty and before his anointed trainee Chris ;Gonzalo' Higuain has been sworn in to abide by some of the rules of our game it fell to Coach Davies to fulfill the thankless task that is the man in the middle

The warm up routine was served up with customary vigor by Gaz paying due attention to the notes passed on by Roy Guru Evans Moneyball was cranked up to select from the 16 declared runners (surely not - Editor) and riders

Two teams of 5 and one of 6 (with usual compensatory guest appearances) was the formula of choice and away we go

The teams were;

White - Citeh Geoff, Speedo Mick, Les Meldrew, Mike OX and Chopper

Pink - Vicar of Dibley, El Presidente, Disco Deggs, Tom Stretch and Lord Rainford

Yellow - Phil, Lefty Bridge, Grav, Joe the Ghost, Grazer and Gaz

The opening match featured the two 5 a side selections with Pink and White meeting in the Gaviscon Derby again Two very evenly matched sides with Pink perhaps a little more compact and organised than the White There was plenty to catch the eye, Pink playing some very neat football with only wayward finishing holding up their progress White were difficult to break down but eventually succumbed to a fine goal scored by the Vicar of Dibley who blessed his team mates for the generosity of expressive passing The solitary goal a good reward for good approach work capped in style by God's striker 1-0 to Pink

The Pink reward was to host the 6 man Yellow with Mike Ox standing in as guest keeper for the Pinks. The game was another fine spectacle of teamwork with Pink generally on top but thwarted on numerous occasion by the excellent keeping of Gaz

Yellow posed some threat with the ghost like 'runs' of Joe demonstrating how he earned his nickname, his finishing left much to work on however and the game fizzled out as a goal less draw

Coach displayed a light touch in his approach to the task of refereeing, indeed so light at times that one wag wondered if he was still his reading notes from his legendary clipboard He did clamp down with venom on a disputed side line restart to demonstrate he was in charge, as if there'd been any doubt Eyes on the prize

There were goals in the match up between the now warmed up Yellow and their White rivals Lefty served up a left foot (geddit) drive with his usual deadly accuracy but his work was nullified by a good finish from Speedo Mick Another close encounter so close indeed that neither side could claim a winning effort 1-1 the final result

We did have a moment of controversy in the Gaviscon Derby replay Pink ahead with a wonderfully worked goal by the Vicar cancelled out by a running drive from Speedo The Pink keeper El Presidente was shocked to hear his appeal waved away by Coach Even the clipboard recognised the burst of pace that wrong footed Lord Rainford on the touchline was illegal but the goal was allowed VAR over-looked So 1-1 in the most controversial fashion To his credit El Presidente accepted he was of course right and that he would exile any reporter who wrote anything different!

The penultimate match brought the first outbreak of 'Jakery' with Gaz guilty of scything down Disco Deggs without even looking at the misfiring hitman We learnt this morning that Huyton's finest was unable to pull up his socks because of the severe bruisin' on his ankle That thought will be left there

His fall was on a par with his usual Salahesque tumbles The game was another tight affair with neither side showing the guile required to secure the victory and with tit the night's ultimate prize 0-0 but far from boring

So the last game was the chance for White to seal their first win of the night or Yellow to match Pink as best preforming team of the night Somewhat frustratingly White set about Yellow at one point rainng down shots on the Yellow net only to be undone with Joe securing an unlikely win by deftly steering a shot into the far corner of the net 1-0 to Yellow


The draw for the 1st Round of the National Cup has been published today and we've been rewarded with 2 Home ties in the Over 50s and Over 60s plus bye in the Over 65s

Our Over 50s will play Blackpool Senior Seasiders at Ruskin between April 2nd and 9th (the date and timing to be confirmed0

Our Over 60s will play 1874 Northwich at Ruskin during that same period

Our Over 65s have like most Clubs been given a bye through to Round 2 - our eventual opposition will be determined in due course

We will make arrangements with Ruskin Drive and our opponents and keep everyone informed

I Got My Eyes On You* - John Lee Hooker (with or without Canned Heat)

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