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Generous Reds regret coasting

There was a controversial start to proceedings last night at Sutton with a £multi million transfer taking place just prior to kick off. Blues defensive rock Andy Houghton joined the Reds to boost their beleaguered defence in a move that caught everyone off guard. Reds pulled another surprise by fielding Deggsy as their starting goalkeeper. The move quickly unraveled however, as two long-distance efforts from Ian and Gaz rocketed past the hapless stand in keeper. Below is a picture to prove a) It’s true Deggsy did play between the posts and b) He was nowhere near either shot

Rocked by the goals the Reds steadied the ship with Tom, Les, Andy, Colin and Chris playing some neat approach play finding the net. The Blues rallied with neat passing triangles, Geoff, Gaz, Martin, Jeff and debutant Mick all moving the ball well under intense pressure from Grazer Dave Clark. Dave earned his new nickname by the realisation that either he or an opponent will end up with grazes from their action. Jeff was unluckily on the end of Grazer‘s attention last night with both elbows showing war wounds! Chris pulled the sides level before the break with trademark finishes. Half time and all to play for 2 goals apiece and some great football and entertainment.

The second half took an age to settle the sides, and it took a beautiful curling shot to break the deadlock, Chris’ hat trick a real gem! 20 minutes to play Reds good value for their slim 3-2 lead. The Blues kept up a relentless pressure and drew level with less than 10 minutes to play.

Chris wasn’t finished however and grabbed his fourth to tip the balance back to the Reds with under 4 minutes on the clock. Under pressure but seeming to be in control the Reds rearguard then lost their way with reckless and unnecessary failures to close out the game. Under little pressure the Reds gave up a cheap equaliser trying to be to clever when Row Z would have been a better option. Four goals a piece and just 2 minutes to go. Could either side find a winner? Could the Reds regain the lead? Jeff settled the game with just one minute left, capitalising on some crazy defending to slot home a winner that 4 minutes before had seemed very unlikely.

Reds pressed to find a way back but looked vulnerable to the counter attack. The final action passed with the Reds snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Lets do it all again next week please! Great entertainment some super football memorable goals goalkeeping horrors and frantic defending.

Bring it on!

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Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick
2020년 9월 10일

Fair enough there was so much happening is it any surprise I lost the order of those last few trantic goals?


St Helens Walking Football
St Helens Walking Football
2020년 9월 10일

I thought Jeff got the 4th and Ian finished off the reds, but other than that a very fair blog - great game to be involved with ... if you’re on the winning side at least

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