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3G or not 3G

Our last scheduled Monday morning of this crazy year followed the pattern of the year. Go to work, don’t go to work. Wear a mask or work from home if you have one, home that is or mask. World beating communication meant that we pitched up at our usual venue Ruskin Drive only to find tumbleweed occupying our pitch and building as vacant as Bozo’s empty cranium. Luckily we had a cunning plan, the management had a word and we decamped to Sutton Leisure and it’s AstroTurf facility. We are not entirely sure whether we lost anyone en route but rest assured there are some amazing alternative options in the town to tempt an errant footballer on a Misty Monday morning. When we had warmed up and settled we had a dozen hearty combatants ready to accept the challenge.

Our Youth policy continues to flourish though we probably hadn’t counted on including a 12 year old in today’s selection. So it passed that there were 3 generations of the Clark Family on show with Patriarch Dave Grazer Clark, his son Gareth and Grandson Will taking the seasonal air. Reduced numbers pressed Will into service and he slotted in to a Blue team that included our Chairman, Mick M, one of his friends Len (another debutant but from Burtonwood) Joe and dad Gareth. In opposition, Dave who left a big impression (on the Chairman’s knee) Chris, Phil, Tony, Les (who has yet to recover from his recent Anfield trip) and Geoff. There was a concern that Gaz (who has called Les Len forever, might be totally mesmerised by the introduction of new man Len (or is it Les) Happily Gaz took up his usual position between the sticks out of range of everyone else. Chris quickly settled into his stride with 2 goals, before Blues shuffled the pack with the swapping of goalkeeping specialist Gaz with the Chairman (who wore gloves for the cold not for keeping duty) Black responded with a well worked effort from Mick rallying his troops. At this stage our Secretary and Referee declared half time and a 2-2 draw. However, a quick question or two revealed the score line was in fact 3-1 to Black, a Chris hat trick inevitably to Mick’s solo effort.

The second period followed the pattern of the first Joe scored after some decent inter-passing by Blues with Clark minor to the fore. Chris restored the advantage then Blues produced some magic that led to a richochet from 2 Black defenders before finally nestling in the far corner of the net Undentered Chris finished his personal tally with his fifth, before audaciously lobbing Gaz with the ‘goal’ of the day. Sadly you cannot score in that manner because of the head height rule, it should be noted that Gaz is 6 feet 3 inches too!!! Our debutant Len McGrain another from our Burtonwood production line of walking footballers had a mixed day hampered by footwear issues and the pace of the game. But undaunted he made his mark with a goal that he somehow squeezed in via the far post from the goal line. 5-4 to Black with time running out. The game was finally settled by Tony, converting from close in after good work by Phil and Chris.

So 6-4 to Black a good game with plenty to admire from both sides.

well done everyone. Last session is confirmed for Wednesday night where we hope to have Celebrity Ref Chris Foy in attendance.

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