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The return

Exclusion zone.

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Well it was so good to be back with everyone yesterday at Ruskin Arena.

I was going to referee but we had an abundance so I played on the understanding that following my surgeries I would have an exclusion zone of 3 metres so no one could tackle me!

Of course you can Shamus was the call. 3 minutes into the first game Big Phil clasps me in a bear hug to stop my progress! End of exclusion zone!!

Good to see Citeh Jeff learning from Pep! When faced with 3 attackers and only him back, as usual, he threw himself to the floor and held his head so stopping play allowing his teammates to trudge back and help out.

Very impressed we were!

All in all a good session with lots of laughs which is what we want.

No cake in the coffeehouse though! Tom Stretch saying he was glad cos he is on a diet, tear on his cheek as he said it though!

Bring on next week!

Cheers for now my friends. 😇🇮🇪

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