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Teenage Life* (Don’t you get so mad about it*)

Never let it be said that Walking Football doesn’t have its characters SHWFC has had its fair share over the years; from the often comedic diving of Disco Deggs, the hat wearing heroics of Hon Sec Lord Rainford, to the occasional comatose ramblings of our beloved ‘French’ member or the ghostly nonsense of another in the Group (usually on a parallel pitch) Yes we’ve been blessed with true characters, someone to raise a smile when we need to lighten the mood

Our latest recruit is an internationally acclaimed singer, rapper, and dancer oh and very accomplished footballer too!

Until recently only El Presidente had made the jump to an international arena in the Club but now, we can boast someone with a Eurovision appearance to his name! Back in 2006 Darren Sampson represented UK with his song ‘Teenage Life*’ which followed the path of so many UK entries before and after the song was a Top 10 hit in UK but sadly didn't do as well at the Athens event (pesky Europeans) This Blog is dedicated to that song

Wednesday night at Sutton and a plethora of players to satisfy Ten took the cosy route to play indoors whilst the rest (22 in final total) trudged to the AstroTurf to play outdoors The Ten quickly became Twelve when Grav and Phil volunteered to return indoors to ease the likely congestion outside After Daz ‘Samo’ (showcasing his coaching prowess) put the players through a swift warm up session The decision was taken to assemble three teams; 2 x 7 and 1 x 6 with guest as required, and selection was made by Clarkie

The teams were.

White - Clarkie, Jeff Betty, Dave Prime, Chris Willo, Samo, Dave Brown & Disco Deggs

Black - Gonzalo, Michelle, Neil, Les, Deano, Martin Mc and Bally

Green - cockney Rebel, Little John, Tom Derby, Paul Porter, Mark No Relation Davies, and Eamon

Black and White met in the first match in a frantic high velocity but high quality football match El Pres’ had to constantly remind one and all that it was WALKING Football Whether it’s too recent exposure to Vets football or over enthusiasm or even muscle memory (I can remember when muscles weren’t always strained) play as often frenetic more teenage than old or middle aged The pace too quick Lots of good stuff to impress but 2 sides that cancelled each other out 0-0 despite all the effort

Game two with Gonzalo volunteering to guest for Greens against the Whites was again most competitive Green played a cooler brand of football, more controlled and measured but despite good chances and bags of effort we still had no goals to show for the effort expended

Black v Green (with Samo now guesting for Green) did throw up some excellent moves Tom Derby almost broke the deadlock using the Joe the Ghost method of appearing from nowhere to fire in a shot But his shot was tame in the end Little John showed remarkable restraint and determination to chase a heavy pass and set up a good chance from the deadball line but again ultimately in vain Black finally broke the deadlock when Les’ clearance to Michelle (her best display to date) her pass to Gonzalo freed him enough to fire home A sweeping end to end goal well deserving the first of the night Eamon hit back shortly after to level the game 1-1 Deano was on hand to finish after a good pass from Neil whose touch around Samo was so cute that Daz immediately applauded his opponent 2-1 to Black Gonzalo tucked another into the far corner, 3-2 before Green hit back to 3-2 and make an uneasy final minute Black held on to seal the win

The last 15 minutes was a mix and match with the sides evened up in a 10 a side shoot-out The ‘no running’ message was by now taking a firmer grip added to the tiredness that was more evident Goals by Tom Derby, Daz Samo and Eamon gave the 3-0 score line the impression that in truth wasn’t the true picture Tom’s goal was a masterpiece of team play with Cockney Rebel, Little John, Paul Porter and Eamon all involved in swift passing to create the chance Tom didn’t waste Black laboured to get the ball forward quickly enough Mark made one smart save but too often Black hurried taking free kicks from deeper positions than was necessary Consequently Gonzalo and Deano were isolated and starved of possession Black effectively killing off their goal threats needlessly

Handshakes all round and most satisfying quality football all round too

It’s a little-known fact that John Lord Rainford Hawkins is a muso too

His Blog for the inside session has therefore a rather different vibe for (hopefully) one week only

DON'T YOU GET SO MAD ABOUT IT - Jeffrey Osborne (lyrics claimed as an assist by Lord Rainford)

We were having such a good game of football

Oh, yes, we were

Then you went and spoiled the whole thing, club-mate

In front of everyone

You’re telling the ref he was wrong

And all night long

You were moaning about something else

Well, even if you were spot on

There's no need to go on

There's no need to get upset

Don't you get so mad about it

(Do you have to get so mad)

Don't you get so mad about it

(About it, about it)

Don't you get so mad about it

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Don't you get so mad about it, hey

(Mad about it)

You should learn to control your feelings,


‘Cause arguing in public is embarrassing

It's always the same thing, club-mate

Disputing this, arguing that

I never will understand

Why you make so much out such little things

It's all so crazy now

Somehow, it's got to change

Take a look at yourself Carrying on this way

I know you care about

The club we're building here

So why get all upset

It's just not worth it

Listen to me,

(Do you have to get so mad)

Don't you get so mad, mate

(About it, about it)

Whoa, whoa, ho, mate

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Don't you get so mad about it

(Mad about it)

Whoa, ho, oh…

(Do you have to get so mad)

Don't get so mad now, mate

(About it, about it)

Ho, don't you get so mad about it, mate

Don't you get so mad

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Don't you get so mad about it, mate, no

(Mad about it)

Woo, ooh, Ho

(Do you have to get so mad)

Don't get so mad about it

(About it, about it)

There's no need to get upset

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Please don't forget the spirit we got

The World Cup Final this is not

(Mad about it)


And as for the football

The score for those

a) interested or

b) still with us

the score was 5-5

Green/Orange: Andy Capt., Phil the Power, Lord Rainford, Steve Goldie, Joe the Ghost, Tom 'stretch' Parr.

Other colours: Ian Lefty Bridge, Grav (bravely keeping despite ankle injury), Kirstie, Steve Honeyman, Citeh Geoff, Dave Babylon Gray.

Thanks to Coach John D for the warm-up and trying to keep order!

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