Ruskin rumbled

Our heroes started their new weekly additional session in very hot conditions today. We welcomed a new member, Dave who immediately found a kindred spirit in John Hawkins. It’s probably a fair bet that there has never been an occasion here in deepest St Helens when 2 Brighton shirts have been worn in such close proximity. Two sides selected the game started in a predictor brisk manner. AstroTurf promotes and rewards accurate and well-weighted passing. The Orange team played like 1970s Holland whereas the Reds struggled initially to impose themselves on their opponents. The Reds were forced to draft in the returning Chairman after Mike had to withdraw having lost an unequal contest with a killer bee. Mike suffered a nasty sting near his eye and was in a deal of discomfort. But fear not Pete displayed some reasonable keeping skills until Les ghosted in at the far post to wrong foot the keeper with a smart finish. One nil to the Dutch as half time approached. The second period was a closer affair with Geoff, Phil, John H, Peter and the returning John Eden combining well without really penetrating the Orange backline. Colin, Jeff, Tom and Alan looking calm under pressure. Dave travelled a lonely track up front for the Reds, whilst Joe toiled similarly for the Orange. Colin eventually found the net to double the advantage whilst Geoff opened up the Orange to score a fine goal. That was the extent of the comeback however with a last goal pushing the Orange further ahead before Mike called time and ended the contest. As first sessions go it was a decent contest in trying conditions. The ball zipped around at times with great style and at other times without style. We will all be better by mastering our new ‘Monday morning home’

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