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Pretty In Pink*

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Ruskin Sports Village has over the years witnessed many tales of derring do Untouchable teams putting on irresistible games leaving all their opponents trailing in their wake But in every game there are two sides, a star spangled winner and a plucky runner up too Well walker up in our case, as we will learn a little later in this ramble This week we focus on the also ran (strolled surely?) The team with the universally acknowledged most acceptable bib colour The Pink -apologies to any Floyd fans or colour blind Red-ites

A motley crew of 33 members braced themselves for another July weather-fest Among those taking part was Allan Molly Maldon returning to the scene of former glories with his mighty team mates of SHWFC Allan who is, of course, based on the Wirral (woolly back country) and left our ranks to become involved with building a new set up in that beguiling area, made contact last week to see if you could join in this week's session as part of a pilgrimage to the locale SHWFC members are always welcomed back to the fold no matter how long they've been otherwise distracted by the bright lights or lure of greener pastures

Monday saw the return of another wanderer too with Lord Rainford making a return after a lengthy spell on the treatment table with a Achilles knack The ennobled one's return meant that we were another referee light Jeff Betty took the executive decision to preside over all games, due in no small measure to the lack of other candidates Other potential stand in officials did their usual - get on with it shrug of the shoulders Undaunted Herr Betty crashed on with his task So a momentous morning all round

The teams eventually selected for playing duty were assembled as 3 teams of 6 and a further 3 teams of 5

Red (6) - Lord Rainford, Kenny, Gonzalo, Wickie, Tom Stretch and Mark NR

Neon (6) - Cockney Rebel, Geoff Prout, Mick Maguire, Margaret, Michelle Berry and Donal

Black (5) - Barry, Harry the Hatchet (not possibly Robin)Phil Moss, Eamon and Paul Jennings

Pink (5) - Haggis, Grav' the Hammy, Les Meldrew, Amazon and Little John

Orange (6) - Steve Honeyman, Kirsty, Jill Thomo, Andy Man(anger), Thatto Dave and Tony Snakehips

Blue (5) - Phil the Power, Molly, Eileen, Enoch and Roger

With faultless devotion to playing there survives little that counts as incident from the morning's session We do, however, have a forensic examination in infinite detail of the games, results and even the scorers of the days unfolding action

On the opening games Pink held out for much of their 5 a side thrill fest with Blue The sides were only separated by a goal by warm up supremo Andy Man(anger) 1-0 Blue on top and Pink failing to trouble the scorer (this was to become a feature of the session) On adjacent Pitch B there was no goals to report from epic Neon v Red affair So that's your lot on that subject Orange sliced two segments out of the Black, sadly no one owned up to the goals though I'm sure we will eventually find a volunteer to reluctantly come forward to claim the hollow glory days after the event 2-0 to Orange

In the second series of games, Pink did little to improve their goals for column though unfairness they did prevent Black for registering their first goals of the day 0-0 on Pitch A Red ran (problem spotted right there) riot to dismiss the Blue challenge on Pitch B Tom Stretch with 2 and Gonzalo on target for the Rosso 3-0 the score Orange and Neon meanwhile failed to flourish on a pitch C another 0-0 shutout the outcome

Round 3 and Neon shading a close game with Pink thanks to Donal's strike Red with goals by Gonzalo and Mark No Relation (to our former Coach John Davies) were the scorers with Thatto Dave claiming Orange's consolation 2-1 to Red Elsewhere Black beat Blue 4-0 so truly black and blue Eamon with a brace, Barry and Paul the scorers

In the final series of games we at last had goals galore Under Jeff's watchful eye Neon and Black each scored 3 Cockney Rebel, Donal and Mick for Neon with Barry x2 and Phil Moss for the Black Sox Pink ended their Monday without a goal but were able to frustrate Red in a dour 0-0 game The remaining fixture Orange and Blue was all square when a whistle from pitches far far away sounded an end to proceedings Steve Honeyman's goal for Orange squashed by a Phil the Power effort 1-1 and handshakes all round

A terrific session in humid conditions enjoyed by all and Pink with 2 draws and two 1-0 defeats made the most of their day in the sun They might not have 'scratched the pad' in the goals for department but weren't overwhelmed by the opposition in any match Molly enjoyed the games and camaraderie of catching up with old friends as Jeff Betty luxuriated in the sumptuous surroundings of the Slipper session, tea in one hand cake in his other hand Blue and Red cards tucked away for another day

Pretty In Pink* - The Psychedelic Furs

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