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Opportunity knocks

Updated: Jan 24


By. S O’Hooligan

Jan 6, 2024

Hi O'Hooligan here.

Now just before we gather for today's demo game this may be an ideal opportunity for those who want to, no pressure, meet up afterwards, have a beer and talk about people who aren't there, talk honestly how you feel about them! I think its called slagging off in some places!

Any comments will be kept in the strictest confidence as per freedom of the press guidelines!

You can even talk about people who are there if you want too! It will be good to clear the air going ahead in the New Year!

 Time for a laugh I think! 😇🇮🇪

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Jan 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this new channel of communication Now if only I knew who O'Hooligan was

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