If only*

Our guest Bloggist today is Phil Middleton, who like other Blog writers of note El Presidente, Dylan Thomas and probably some others, retired to Wales on completion of his day’s efforts

Full marks too Coach Davies (there’s another dubious Welsh link) who not only warmed the ingredients for today’s rarebit but also employed Moneyball, played and refereed his morning’s work Kudos indeed

The teams were;

Orange - Andy Capt, Steve Honeyman, Chopper, Anita, Wayne, Mark, Tony, Nigel and the Coach Blue - Les, Betty Jeff, Mika, Tom, Colon, Phil, Goldie, Dave Seagull and Cockney Rebel

Goals scored by Steve and Tony ensured bragging rights for the Oranges

However, in possessional terms, in chances created and defensive solidarity then Blues might have had a shout If only*

Mika capped an outstanding morning with his all round all action energy Anita continued her acclimatisation with another good performance and an assist

Phil has suggested a Player of the Match award and there’s merit in that idea Most weeks there are several matches so it might be Player of the week With two sessions we throw another spanner in the works of that idea too

But we do intend to recognise one player each session that stands out from the rest

Modesty forbids me from mentioning the Parr session colossus on the ‘home’ pitch

But you get the drift

Andy Capt would be an excellent judge of the Player of each session except indoors on Wednesday’s for the next few weeks of course

We will discuss the whole issue in great depth at the next Boot Room meeting Thirsty work that

Phil returned to the action with a damning criticism of his own morning’s efforts

He ventures that the score line might have been 8-3 to the Blues If only* Phil reckoned on 5 or 6 efforts spurned, including one shot destined for the corner flag (no corner flags were harmed during the game) Colin and Tom were profligate too It seems a little lame to suggest it just wasn’t a Blue Monday*

So there we have it An enjoyable morning Phil is currently enjoying the Mold sunshine, cooling his heals wondering if he’d picked up Disco Deggs shooting boots in error

If only*

If only* - Andrea Bocelli and Dua Lipa - can’t claim to be familiar with that dynamic beat duo!

Blue Monday* - New Order

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