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Foxy - it’s now or never*

Regular blog addicts will recall our previous encounters with Martin Fox, a renowned Elvis Presley tribute artiste, sometime videographer, Walking footballer and now newly qualified WFA Referee We’re delighted to cross paths with the jovial Norn‘ Iron man again as he graced our Monday morning Ruskin Drive session as the man in the middle

With a number of usual suspects detained with holiday travel arrangements it fell to Coach Davies and our Health & Safety Officer to assemble the 18 players, employ Moneyball and enjoy an hours sultry conditions for their regular Monday morning stroll

The teams were;

Blue - Les, Steve, Jeff, Geoff, Grazer, Andy, Phil, Wayne and D Seagull

Yellow - Donal, Tony, Cockney Rebel, Tom, Gaz, Colin, Mark, Mike and debutant Steve Goldthorpe

As is often the case with buses and policemen - you wait all day for one and end up with two Bryan Clark (no relation) announced that he too would like to ‘give it ago’ as the alternative man in the middle Bit more of that to follow

Gallantly our newly qualified official gave Pompey’s only northern supporter the chance to ‘play up.....’

The weather conditions dictated that the game be split in to three portions to allow Coach Davies to ensure rehydration protocols were respected in line with H&S Officer Brack’s direction The first period was a tad scrappy punctuated with spells of fine sportsmanship and good performances from all players Significantly however there were few goal scoring attempts as players conserved their energies

The second period followed a similar pattern with play confined to just a quarter of the playing area available At the final break Coach Davies urged a more expansive outlook from all, plenty of spaces but too few willing to seek out these areas to attack their opponents flanks

The switch to allow Bryan his chance to ruffle some feathers passed with little incident Afterwards an assessment offered advice on his on-field positional stance and knowing that this group of players is famous for its honesty Being firm is expected but when a player politely refuses to accept a decision which has gone in his favour then discretion would suggest the Ref might have got that one wrong!

But let’s not be too picky The morning was a huge success, two extremely well balanced teams played out a remarkably clean and trouble free hour despite the distinct lack of goals

Nil - Nil a rarity in these parts but a fine game well managed by Foxy and Bryan The interval diagnosis from the Coach was spot on too

Well done to all involved Thanks to Les and Phil for their help compiling this Blog

Onwards and upwards

Its now or never* E Presley

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