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Forever (reffing) in Blue Jeans*

Wednesday’s Sutton SoccerDome session was an odd affair with a number of our regulars missing for a variety of reasons These circumstances threw out a challenge for Cub Reporter Chris ‘Gonzalo Higuain’ to play and report on the night’s game This a most challenging task he has risen to with the following chronicle

A classic tale ‘a game of 2 halves‘, as opposed to the 3 and occasional 4 segments we’ve grown accustomed to in recent weeks But this was a tale of contrasting fortunes with only the interval to balance affairs

Six versus six in white heat of the SuttonDome The teams were;

Rampant Reds - Les, Cockney Rebel, Citeh Geoff, Gonzalo, Speedo Mick and Tom Derby

Bubbly Blues - Gary, Lee, Grav, Chopper, Phil and Disco Deggs

Reffed in fine style by Jeff Betty

Reds settled quickly and swept in to a first half lead with a double brace of goals by Speedo and Gonzalo In reply a solitary goal by the returning Garry was Blues only reply

Reds dominated possession but it was a much tighter contest than the 4-1 score line suggests Reds did have a Cockney Rebel goal from a Gonzalo corner ruled out by Jeff Betty who went all Clive Thomas and controversially ruled the effort out by blowing for half time but until the ball had already found the net!

The power-raged official then mixed things up at the break by swrapping Chopper and Citeh Geoff It was definitely the correct decision as the beleaguered Blues were soon back in the game with goals again from Garry and Phil The come back was complete in the final minutes of the game when Grav was able to poke the ball past Les to bring parity 4-4 the final score

The match was marred with controversy however with Herr Betty disallowing goals from Disco Deggs for the Blues as well as Cockney Rebels conversion from Gonzalo’s corner Gonzalo was denied a hat trick by Betty blowing for running by Victor Les during the build up “I don’t believe it!” Gonzalo didn’t say but the thought certainly crossed his mind “3 goals ruled out by one ref - good job he’s one of the good guys we love to bits!“

All decisions were accepted (and discussed at length in the post match Boot Room analysis) but the draw was probably a fair result on the night Honours even Just 2 sessions left in 2021 Monday 13th at Ruskin with social gathering (not a Party - the very thought) straight afterwards in the sumptuous surroundings of the Slipper Session lounge Then Wednesday night’s Sutton SoccerDome

The gathering on Friday 17th at the legendary Turks Head Boot Room at 7pm will again not be a Party in the political sense but an opportunity for like minded people to meet to compare their vaccination status in convivial surroundings

Great to see everyone down and the game despite its occasional controversial moments was played in really good spirits.

Forever in (reffing) Blue Jeans* - Neil Diamond

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