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Destructive Dudley doesn’t deter determined dribbling Dudes

On an evening with weather conditions so fierce that the usual Sutton Leisure Centre’s Couch to Kitchen sessions were cancelled it fell to SHWFC to show ‘em how it’s done There was the distraction of some minor football European tournament holding the first of its 3 month Round of 16 matches This distraction plus the inclement Storm Dudley meant that our intrepid group was reduced to just 10 players plus Coach Davies & Dusseldorf’s Referee Herr Betty for the nights action

But what action it was!

Warmed to within an inch of their lives by Coach Davies’ promptings those playing displayed commendable application in preparation of the task ahead

For once the Club’s fabled algorithm Moneyball selected two loosely balanced sides as follows;

White - (Madrid-like Gallaticos) El Presidente, Tom Stretch, Cockney Rebel, Gary (returning after a period in Guantanamo Bay & COVID) and Joe the Ghost

Pink - (in harmony with their feminine side) Chopper, Speedo Mick, Steve Goldie, Les and Lord Rainford

Whites started strongly, displaying a degree of movement and passing accuracy that had their opponents as pink faced as their bibs The opening goal followed a fine passing move that presented El Presidente with a chance that he steered home with his left foot His celebration was a typical low key 21 gun salute that echoed long after last orders in the Boot Room Shortly after Joe ghosted into space was found by a pass from El Presidente and used his rightly under stated footwork to finish with a flourish Gary was next to register a goal, smartly tucking away following some fine inter passing White well on top 3-0 after the first passage of play

Pink regrouped and clawed a way back into the contest with Goldie & Speedo to the fore Lord Rainford stamped his mark on proceedings with a fine diving save rather than his usual agricultural defending Chopper seemed inspired and shut down some promising White attacks Lord Rainford showed some poise to claim a goal for Pink Speedo added a further goal for Pinks but 2 goals from Tom Stretched White’s advantage Joe claimed his second goal of the night to give White a further cushion

6-2 at the second break Whites in command

Referee Betty was rarely required to break sweat or trouble himself with taxing decisions Play continued throughout the evening a spirit of sporting excellence

The third stanza followed a familiar pattern with Whites adding goals from Gary and the Cockney Rebel, Speedo Mick hit a Pink consolation 8-3 the final score

Perhaps with hindsight some slight adjustments could have produced a closer result but Moneyball has served SHWFC well since the boffins introduced the concept

All White players scored which is rare in itself, Tom grabbed a hat trick, with braces for Gary & The Ghost Speedo Mick scored his own brace in reply for Pink

The Boot Room crew reflected on the application of simple effective teamwork at the heart of the White victory Storm Eunice will have left our shores before Monday’s Ruskin morning session We trust our numbers will continue at pre-Dudley levels

Well played to those who thrilled the spectators assembled in the comfort of the Sutton indoor SoccerDome last night You’ve all done very well

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