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Back together again* World in a spin

It’s been an eventful period since the latest lockdown was announced in mid-November But the news we all hoped for arrived in time for our heroes to assemble and resume their Wednesday evening sessions at Sutton Leisure AstroTurf last night Our bright sparkling new kit had arrived and was distributed with just the odd glitch, happily all now resolved. The general agreement is that we are delighted to be the recipients of Harry’s Razors benevolence, Christmas has come early to some of our crew! The new session started with a warm up conducted by John Davies, on a night for brave souls all felt the benefit of the new exercise regime. We had the now habitual questionable discussion on the number per side, whether 11 a side or 3 teams of 7 Mike made his selections based on a formula known to only a handful of karate masters, as footballers we did as we were told and then tried to sort out colours as an after thought. Personally I thought my figure hugging Red Ensemble was a tad unflattering but kept my thoughts to myself.

instead of deciding tactics we worried about the weather and keeping warm whilst the first teams, Blue and Orange locked horns in the first game. Blue: Martin W, Andy, Ian H, Gareth, Joe, Phil and Chris

Orange: Lee, Deggsy, John D, Mick M, Grazer, Steve and Ian B

In what might be described as the most predictable outcome Blues swept into a lead they never surrendered thanks to goals by Chris and Ian H. There were Valiant efforts from Deggs and Ian B for the Orange but these were fleeting glimpses as Blues all round power proved too much . The Reds entered the fray taking sometime to settle against an impressive opposition. The game was effectively lost however, before the Reds had warmed to the task ahead

Reds: John H, Peter, Jeff, Tony, Martin B, Les and Colin

As the game developed the Reds found a measure of parity and started to move the ball around with incisive passing and movement. Their reward came from the penalty spot with Jeff converting after Ref Steve Pitt penalised an unholy journey into the area by Ian H. Further punishment was served up by Chris inevitably and Blues were comfortable winners

The first real contest of the evening pitched the Reds and Orange together in the battle of the cannon fodder. Reds started strongly with stout defence restricting Orange to half chances. Then a series of swift passing and movement saw the Reds take and extend a lead through Colin and then Les, with a sublime strike across the keeper.

Colin finished the scoring with another great finish following more excellent approach play with Martin B and Jeff to the fore. There was a period of processional football in the following games before the final match up the unbeaten Blues and the battling Reds. In the end goals conceded thanks to some erratic goalkeeping proved too much and Blues retained 100% record with Chris securing a record 5 goals though one effort might be challenged by the dodgy goals sub-committee

After the recent events all agreed it was great to be back together again.

Back together again* (World in a spin) - Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway

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