A Bridge too far

A Bridge too far!


Another great evenings football at Sutton which had the lot:-

Even games between three evenly matched teams with only one game having more than one goal in it.

The curse of the far end affecting three goalkeepers again and again and again!,

Some spectacular keeping, particularly from Alan near the end and one save by John who followed Les’s Monday example and headed one of Ian’s blockbusters over the bar.

Some fine individual performances, with Tony singled out for particular praise by his team mates, plus cameo appearances from the two Ians Bridge (fearsome shooting to the fore as ever) and Hopkins (with possible divine assistance).

Much less whistle for running.

Well walked everyone!

On a miserable night weatherwise (it started to rain just as we got on the pitch) it was great to see such a large turnout; the only sad note being Derek tweaking his hamstring again meaning a return to exercising his refereeing skills over the next few weeks.

And we’ll need them! Because last night heralded the start of us introducing some more specific walking football rules with particular emphasis on :-

- no tackling/bodily contact (this is going to be hard for many of us!!),

- greater distances (3 metres) to be back when defending free kicks,

- clarification on what head height means (height of the crossbar, basically – unless we ever go back to using proper small 5 a side goals !); and

- prospect of sin bins for repeat offenders, including for any dissent.

These rules to be introduced over next few sessions as people have the chance to digest them and adapt.

Well played last night everyone.

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